Tankless Water Heaters

5 Things You Don’t Know About Tankless Water Heaters

Tanking Out You may have heard of tankless water heaters.  Since they do not need to hold heated water in reserve, no tank is required. Another term for this type of water heater is “demand-type” or “instantaneous water heaters.” As you might imagine from this terminology, tankless water heaters work only as needed, and consequently… Read more »

Mini-Split Systems Pros & Cons

Understanding Mini Split Systems Pros & Cons

What’s the Divide on Mini Splits? Most people today are conscious of the need for their HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems to run as energy efficiently as possible, if for no other reason than it saves money on their utility bills, not to mention it’s better for the environment. If you’re building a… Read more »

White Stuff on My Taps

What’s in Your Taps?

What’s With the White Stuff on My Taps When we talk about white stuff on your taps, we’re not talking about a mug of beer that’s just been drawn from a keg tap. No, we mean that white chalky build up around your faucets and sometimes toilets and showers, even your washing machine. This build… Read more »

sewer and drain back ups

How to Prevent Sewer and Drain Backups

Backups are highly recommended for your computer files, not so much for your sewer and drain pipes. Since no one likes backed up pipes, in this post we will look at the proverbial “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” regarding: What a sewer lateral does Signs of a blocked or broken… Read more »

well maintained air conditioning system

Benefits of a Well-Maintained Air Conditioning System

The Importance of Proper AC Maintenance  Keeping up with yearly maintenance on your central air conditioning system is as important as yearly maintenance on your hot air furnace. Just like your car needs a regular oil change, tire rotation and tune-up, there are working components in your air conditioning system that need to be serviced… Read more »

Steps to adding A/C to an existing HVAC

Got AC? If not, You needn’t be left out in the (Not) cold According to Boston Globe writer Leon Neyfakh, “Since the technology was invented in 1902, and the first window unit was brought to market in 1939, air conditioners have become ubiquitous in the United States. Today, almost 90 percent of American households have… Read more »

whole house water filter

Whole House Water Filters

Why Filter Your Water? Water is an essential part of your home. Every day you use water to cook, drink, shower, and clean laundry and dishes. That’s why setting up a whole house water filtration system is so important to ensure the water your family uses is clean and safe.  The delivery of clean water… Read more »

tankless water heater

Which Type of Water Heater is Best for Your Home?

Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters Which type of water heater would be best for your home? Tank (sometimes also called “storage”) or tankless? As it turns out, the answer is not that simple. There is no one right choice—the best selection for your home depends on several variables specific to your household and hot water… Read more »

residential air conditioner

Three Things to Know About Your Air Conditioner

Three Cool Things About AC Your air conditioner is sort of like your phone or computer or the water that comes out of your faucet. It’s a modern convenience and you expect it to work. Except, sometimes it doesn’t. Which is when we start to feel helpless about our modern conveniences, especially when we don’t… Read more »