What Is a SPAN Electrical Panel and Do You Need One?

span electrical panel on modern home with smart features and energy saving

Wouldn’t it be nice to have complete control over your electrical box without needing to physically go to it and fumble around with the manual breakers? With a SPAN electrical panel, you can monitor your electricity usage in real-time and control individual circuits at will with the convenience of your smartphone.

A SPAN electrical panel is the solution to create a modern hub for everything that is electrical in your house, equating to more energy savings and advanced power control in your home. It has the ability to control up to 32 circuits and helps you:

  • Keep track of your electricity use on the go
  • Manipulate your circuits individually and with ease
  • Automate whichever circuit you want at whatever time intervals you program
  • Monitor which circuits expend the most energy and choose which ones to adjust
  • Integrate with solar systems

Homeowners can now bring their outdated electrical panels into the 21st century by replacing their old unit with SPAN, essentially turning their whole home into a smart home. This smart panel lets you monitor and adjust every circuit straight from your smartphone. Once you install their app, SPAN will provide real-time insights into how your home is expending energy, allowing you to take control of your energy consumption.

What is the cost of a SPAN electrical panel?

Upgrading to a SPAN system awards federal tax credit eligibility. Under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), homeowners can claim tax credits for energy-efficient projects.

The cost varies depending on where you live, the type of panel being replaced, the size of the unit, any other wiring and parts that are required for installation, and labor.

SPAN offers an impressive 10-year warranty and, like most electrical panels, is designed to last between 25 to 40 years. This means you will not have to replace this investment for a long time, making it a valuable upgrade to your home.

What are the benefits of having a SPAN electrical panel?

SPAN electrical panels give homeowners the unique power to control and monitor their energy usage throughout their home and even with their Electric Vehicles if set up with SPAN Drive. Their intuitive app lets you view current energy trends and helps you save on energy by finding ways to lower your energy bill and skip pricey service upgrades.

The system really shines when installed in homes that are integrated with solar and battery systems since the app allows you to prioritize loads and get up to 40% more battery backup. On average, users report a 15% reduction in energy bills.

You can decrease phantom loads by monitoring your app and keeping track of idle appliances or devices that are draining power and costing you money. You could save monthly by eliminating phantom loads using your SPAN app. Those savings can really add up!

Traditional panels cannot communicate with you or provide useful data. SPAN panels are manufactured with built-in Wi-Fi, which gives you full control over the system through their dedicated SPAN app.

One of the most sought-after features of the SPAN electrical panel is the ability to switch off or turn on whichever circuit you want with the touch of a button from the app. Sometimes, we forget whether or not we unplugged our hot iron or left the lights on, but with the SPAN app, you can easily log in and switch it off without running home.

What is SPAN Drive for EV charging?

SPAN electrical panels are not the only technological advance the brand has aspired to. They also offer SPAN Drive, which pairs perfectly with the SPAN electrical panel. SPAN Drive is their electric vehicle charger that offers Level 2 charging.

If your home does not have the bandwidth to support Level 2 charging, you can still charge your car by connecting it to the SPAN panel since it prioritizes the delivery of power to the charger when it is plugged in. If you happen to be running other appliances at the same time, your SPAN panel will lower the rate of charging to accommodate the other appliances.

When a home is equipped with solar panels but no solar battery, you can set your SPAN Drive to divert only solar power to charge your car instead of using power from the grid. This is a good option for those who happen to be home because you need to be present to use power made from your solar panels.

If a power outage occurs, you can still charge your EV if you have a solar battery by using your SPAN app to control the charger, which is excellent for your carbon footprint. 

What to know about SPAN panel installation

If you opt for a SPAN electrical panel, be sure to find a licensed and certified SPAN Smart Panel installer to ensure the system is installed safely and correctly. The system requires a licensed professional with SPAN certification to install the unit in your home. 

SPAN currently has certified installers in four states: California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. As of now, SPAN is only offered in the United States. If you live outside of the four states mentioned, SPAN can get you in touch with an installer, but the process could take a few weeks.

There are certain situations that may require the use of two SPAN panels. You will need two SPAN panels in the following scenarios:

  • 32 circuits don’t cover your needs
  • Your home has multiple living spaces
  • Your property is large and needs more than 200 amps

The good news is that installation of a SPAN panel should take less than one day. Typically, it takes around three to eight hours to finalize the project, which is the norm for most panel replacement projects. Even if you’re handy with electrical equipment, installing a SPAN electrical panel should be left to the professionals. You risk voiding your unit’s warranty if you forgo a certified installation.  

Equipment compatibility

You can achieve real-time power updates using the SPAN electrical panel since it pairs well with a variety of equipment. SPAN is compatible with the majority of electrical systems you find in most homes these days. Since most appliances are connected to circuits, you can monitor and use your existing appliances without skipping a beat.

When it comes to solar features, SPAN requires solar panels and a solar battery or solar inverter. SPAN works with any grid-tie inverter. It is compatible with these home batteries:

  • SolarEdge Energy Bank
  • Tesla Powerwall
  • LG Chem RESU

A SPAN panel can also work with a standby generator when you’re using a Tesla Powerwall operation. However, the switch for this functionality will not be found on the SPAN panel. It will be found on the Tesla Powerwall in the form of a manual transfer switch or an automatic transfer switch.

SPAN panels pair beautifully with SPAN Drive EV chargers and can also pair with other EV chargers. SPAN Drive will work with any EV made in America. If you opt for a complete SPAN system, you will need the SPAN electrical panel, SPAN Drive, an EV, a grid-tie inverter, a solar battery, and solar panels.

Setting up your SPAN electrical panel system

Once it’s installed, it is essential to configure your new SPAN panel to use the full functionality of the unit and your app. Configuring your system will help it understand your preferences and habits and is also key for the panel to prioritize certain equipment.

During configuration, you will be able to set certain power allowances to whichever appliances you use. You’ll have a choice between Must Have, Nice to Have, and Not Essential. Anything you don’t mind losing during a power outage should be listed under Not Essential, but appliances like your refrigerator should fall under the Must Have category.

If your home has solar panels, you can use the many features in the system and app to regulate your solar panel energy storage. Just remember, if you only have solar panels and no solar battery, the SPAN panel will connect to your grid-tie inverter to keep track of any solar energy generated.

On the other hand, if your solar power system has a solar battery, you can install communication between your battery and the panel to control your power in the event of an outage. The system’s app will also show you estimates for battery life based on your priority settings. From there, you can manipulate your settings to divert power if you want to conserve your battery’s life.

Ongaro & Sons — Your SPAN Certified Experts

Ongaro & Sons is a family-owned business in its fourth generation of operation. We offer several smart home products that allow you to adapt your home to your lifestyle, learn your habits, and adjust settings to provide ultimate comfort and convenience and improve energy efficiency.

We also offer solar installations! If you are considering a SPAN panel installation, it’s the perfect time to install solar panels to reduce your carbon footprint and harness the sustainable energy source the sun provides.

By installing solar through our certified professionals, you will be able to maximize your SPAN panel’s performance, reduce your energy bills, and increase your property value. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and, for a limited time, a free 10-year panel cleaning and maintenance for your system. At Ongaro & Sons, you can expect a seamless, hassle-free installation process.

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