Why Choose Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Systems

Why Choose Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Systems

Stay in Your Comfort Zone with Mitsubishi Electric

Are you building or renovating a home? Looking to replace an old, inefficient HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system? Or just looking to fix a room or two where it is often too hot or too cold? Consider a Zoned Comfort Solution® from Mitsubishi Electric Systems.

Mitsubishi Electric Systems offers a number of advantages you won’t find in most traditional heating systems. It’s a great choice that’s easily customizable to satisfy your needs for energy-efficient operation that ensures just the right temperature for every room in your home.

Here are the key benefits of what you can expect to get comfortable with from a Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solution:

  • Up to eight comfort zones
  • Whisper quiet running operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Design options
  • Cloud-enabled control
  • Solar/battery and generator backup
  • Ongaro and Sons Mitsubishi Elite Designation extended warranty

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Get In the Zone (Choose from up to Eight!)

Imagine having eight different climate-controlled zones within your home with only one outdoor unit! Actually, you don’t need to imagine it; Mitsubishi Zoned Comfort Solutions use intuitive smart controls that separately operate up to eight designated comfort zones. This allows each area to be personalized to a specific temperature based on the needs or wants of the room. 

As an authorized Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor®, Ongaro and Sons can help you segment your home into comfort zones based upon layout and how you and your family members use each space. The result is that your family room, kitchen, media room, rec room, bedrooms and all other spaces are kept at temperatures corresponding to specific activities and time of day. 

Mitsubishi Electric’s simple and intuitive controls make scheduling and quick temperature adjustments easy. The outdoor heat pump’s Hyper-Heating INVERTER®-driven compressor varies the system’s capacity to precisely match the zone’s comfort requirements and maintain your set point, or preferred temperature.

If you have an infrequently used room, you can save energy and money by turning off conditioning for its zone. For example, certain rooms, such as your bedroom, needn’t be heated during the day when the room is largely unoccupied. Later at night, though, the system raises the temperature to ensure you are comfortable just when you are bout to go to bed.  

Multi-story homes in particular can benefit from zone systems. Heat rises and cold air falls. If your thermostat is upstairs and you turn the heat on, the temperature is achieved sooner upstairs than downstairs. The upstairs thermostat doesn’t know what the temperature is downstairs, so heat shuts off and the downstairs suffers.    

The same benefits can hold true even for a single-story ranch home. If there is a part of the house that is rarely used, you can zone it so energy isn’t wasted cooling or heating the space. 

Whisper Quiet Operation

Home comfort means an indoor environment that not only has a comfortable temperature, but one free of distracting machinery humming. 

Noise is a complaint about traditional HVAC systems. But homeowners often feel that sometimes aggravating background noise is the compromise you have to make for high performance.

That’s a compromise you don’t have to make with the ultra-quiet sound levels of Mitsubishi Electric Systems.  Mitsubishi has some of the quietest outdoor and indoor units on the market, with decibel ratings lower than 50 DB on the outdoor units. Conventional air conditioning systems average 72 to 74 DB. 

Energy Efficiency with Mitsubishi Electric

The ability to set different temperatures for different parts of your home in a zoned system also helps to reduce unnecessary energy usage. So lower energy consumption means a lower utility bill. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save about 30 percent on your energy bill while also reducing environmental emissions.

Mitsubishi electric systems employ a heat pump that offers up to 40 percent greater efficiency than conventional heat pump or air conditioning systems. They do this by utilizing inverter compressor technology that allows the heat pump to work in multiple stages. So it’s not the 100 percent on and 100 percent off functionality we are used to. The smart system technology allows the unit to run at the absolutely best capacity for overall comfort and lowest energy consumptions. The best part is this works for both heating and cooling, so it provides year-round savings. This means you get to be comfortable 24/7 and at the same time not uncomfortable with your utility bill.

Cloud-enabled Remote Control

The ability to control your television, your garage doors, even your home appliances is no longer a nice luxury feature, but a standard performance expectation. The same applies to your heating and cooling system. 

Mitsubishi’s cloud-based technology, called Kumo® Kloud, lets you control your HVAC system literally anywhere with a cellular or wi-fi connection. Left for vacation and forgot to lower the thermostat since no one is home for the next two weeks. Not a problem. The Kumo Kloud mobile app puts enhanced control of your thermostat and your home zones literally at your fingertips!

Plus, it’s easy to transfer your Kumo Kloud account if you sell your home to future owners.

Solar/Battery and Generator Back-Up

Mitsubishi systems are ideal candidates for both generators and solar/battery backup systems. As we know, Marin and Sonoma county PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoffs) due to wildfires are a new normal. It is no longer a question of if your power might go off, but when it goes off.

No power means no air conditioning. And no functioning HVAC means poor air quality in your home. A lack of air conditioning during the summer months, with temperatures getting hotter every year, is not only uncomfortable, it can literally be suffocating. 

Mitsubishi systems have some of the lowest start up and running amp draws, so they are easily put to use with properly-sized off the grid solar, battery or generator systems.  So just because your electric power gets shut down doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy all the comforts of home. 

Ongaro and Sons Elite Installation

Perhaps one of the best benefits of Mitsubishi Electric Systems is an installation by Ongaro and Sons. We hold Mitsubishi Electric’s coveted Elite Diamond Contractor designation. Elite Diamond Contractors are independent HVAC contractors trained in the use and installation of Mitsubishi Electric products at an approved instructional center and have a high level of experience working with Mitsubishi Electric systems. Only the top HVAC professionals in the industry earn this distinction to provide customers with the finest sales, installation and service support possible.

One advantage of hiring Ongaro and Sons as a Diamond Contractor is you’ll receive up to a 12-year product warranty, the most aggressive in the industry. The standard warranty for a Mitsubishi Zoned Comfort Solutions is five years for parts and seven years for the compressor. However, by partnering with Diamond Contractor Ongaro and Sons, the parts and compressor are warranted for 12 years each as long as they are installed in a single-family home and registered within 90 days from installation. Such a comprehensive warranty not only protects you and your investment but also the comfort of your home.