Boiler System Tune-Up and Annual Maintenance

With regular maintenance you will prevent small problems from becoming big problems and ensure optimal performance of your system. Our Boiler Performance Tune-Up will help with:

● Provide longer lasting equipment
● Reduce utility bills
● Reduce repairs
● Provide a more comfortable indoor environment
● Protect your investment
● Keep Warranties Valid

Boiler Tune Up Checklist

At Ongaro, we specialize in maintaining residential Boilers systems at optimal efficiency and performance. Our technicians use a 30-point checklist to ensure accuracy and consistency. Our thorough inspection will ensure that your Boiler is well-maintained. Below is our checklist used at every Boiler tune up.
● Check and adjust closed system water pressure.
● Test Boiler Feed Valve for functionality.
● Drain Expansion Tank (if applicable).
● Check and adjust Boiler Thermal Expansion Tank pressure.
● Check and adjust Indirect Thermal Expansion Tank pressure (if
● Check and verify DHW Mixing Valve Temperature (if applicable).
● Check condensate drain on High Efficiency Boiler.
● Check condensate pump (if applicable).
● Check and adjust Gas Valve Manifold pressure.
● Check and clean Gas Manifold Burner Assembly.
● Clean Pilot Assembly and Orifice.
● Check for any leaks on Boiler gas piping only .
● Clean and inspect Flame Proving Sensor.
● Test Hot Surface Ignitor with OHM meter (if applicable).
● Check for any visible leaks around Boiler and on near Boiler piping.
● Test Safety Control operation.
● Check Circulator operation and amperage draw according to
Manufacturer’s rating plate.
● Lubricate Circulator motor (if applicable).
● Check 24 volt Zone Valves/Actuators.
● Check Boiler electrical 120 volt supply.
● Inspect all electrical connections on Boiler.
● Inspect Boiler low voltage wiring.
● Check Pump and Zone Relay (if applicable).
● Inspect proper Thermostat operation (up to 4 Thermostats, additional
fee for any addition Thermostat).
● Program Thermostat for current season.
● Perform Carbon Monoxide Safety test.
● Inspect Atmospheric Boiler Heat Exchanger for “by products of
combustion” (not applicable for High Efficiency Boiler)
● Inspect Boiler Flue vent and Air Intake.
● Verify proper Boiler sequence of operation.

If needed: Purge system loops to remove air (additional fee)
While some may choose to just “let it run until it breaks” – our annual
maintenance service is designed to prolong the life of your equipment, keep
your family safe, and help save you money!

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