Electric Vehicles

Imagine never stopping at a gas station again, and instead, having an unlimited supply of fuel available at home or wherever you normally park.

For many electric car drivers, this is a reality. Battery-electric cars never need gas, and for short trips, plug-in hybrids might use no gas.

Electric car charging is simple, cost-effective, and convenient – particularly when you’re plugged in at home, filling up your car even while you’re asleep. How long it takes to charge depends on the charging equipment and the size of the car’s battery and its available charging capacity.

Plug-in Charging

Electric Vehicles generally require a 240 volt outlet for adequate and safe charging. Installing a Nema 12-50 outlet is the easy way to “trickle charge” any make and model of Electrical Vehicle. Using a plug-in outlet option will provide charging speeds of 15-30 miles per hour charged. This application is widely used for car owners who do not travel long distances on a daily basis. Reach out now to schedule an estimate for all your car charging needs!

Ev Chargers Crop

Charging Stations

Charging stations are a fast, easy, and reliable way to quickly charge any make and model of Electric Vehicle. Charge rates can vary from 20-44 miles per hour charged. Installing a charging station at your home involves the help of a qualified electrician. At Ongaro and Sons, our electricians can help you to find the best charging option for your home. Reach out now to schedule a free estimate!