SPAN – Certified Dealer

Welcome to Ongaro, your certified dealer of the revolutionary SPAN Panels. As an authorized installer, we are committed to bringing the future of energy management to your home.

What are SPAN Panels?

SPAN Panel is a smart electrical panel designed to modernize your home energy system by completely replacing your existing panel​1​. This award-winning device provides circuit-level control, longer battery backup, and unparalleled energy insights. It stands as your home’s intelligent command center, putting you in complete control of your home energy system​1​.

Features and Capabilities

  • Connectivity: SPAN Panels are connected to the internet for wireless communication, allowing you to control and monitor every circuit in your home from a smartphone or tablet. They also support Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Cellular LTE​1​.
  • Battery Systems Compatibility: These panels are compatible with leading battery systems such as Tesla Powerwall, Enphase IQ Battery 1, LG Chem RESU 2, and SolarEdge Energy Bank 2​1​.
  • Energy Insights: Leveraging key discoveries from energy usage patterns throughout the day, the SPAN Panel helps you understand how your home is sourcing, storing, and using energy in real time​1​.
  • Circuit Control: With 32 controllable circuits, the SPAN Panel provides monitoring and controls for every circuit, using standard circuit breakers​1​.
  • Backup and Flexibility: The SPAN Panel offers 40% longer backup, owing to “non-essential” load shedding that provides the ultimate backup from your home battery during power outages. It allows for backup circuit prioritization in the SPAN Home app, putting you in complete control of your stored energy in real time, all the time​1​.
  • Durability & Support: The SPAN Panel is designed for both indoor and outdoor placement and is built to last. It comes with a 10-year warranty, subject to terms and conditions. Expert support is available Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm PT to help with questions​1​.

Installation Process

The installation process is handled by our team of experts, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish. Our process includes a consultation to determine your energy management wants and needs, a site visit to analyze your SPAN Panel install, and finally, the installation day where the SPAN Panel is wired and validated for safety. All permits are filed and once everything is set, your SPAN Panel is live​1​.

Trust Ongaro for your SPAN Panel Installation

At Ongaro, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier services to our clients. As a certified dealer of SPAN Panels, we bring you the promise of quality, reliability, and expert installation. Contact us today to modernize your home with electrification upgrades like solar and battery storage.