What To Expect

Ejay And Donald


We have found that most homeowners are unsure what to expect when having an Electrical Comfort Advisor in their home. Our goal is to ensure transparency and make sure our customers know what to look for during our visit. The following will help provide an overview of what we will be doing in your home, some key items to have ready for the visit, products/services that we provide, our current specials and even some information regarding ways to fund the project.

  1. Items to have together for the visit:
    1. Recent PG&E statements if applicable. This will help us understand the current usage cost of your existing Electrical system and give us a guide as to where we can save you on your monthly utilities.
    2. Have any model specifications to help with calculating additional electrical load
    3. A list of your wants and needs for any future electrical additions to your home. ( HVAC, hot Tub, Electric Vehicle, Solar)
    4. Crawl space and or attic access accessible for our detailed inspection. This will be needed for a variety of electrical work.
    5. Access to each room for a visual inspection of electrical code and safety requirements
  2. We will be spending approximately 60-90 minutes during this process, depending on the home and scope of work to be completed. Our goal during our visit is to ensure we can provide you with extremely accurate solutions so there are no surprises.
    1. Electrical Load calculation: We will perform an electrical calculation on your electrical system to determine your open availability for new electrical items in the home. This will also allow us to determine if you have enough power for all your current needs prior to any additions.
    2. Wiring/Device Inspection: We will look at the existing wiring in the home to ensure it is safe and code compliant. We will also check random outlets, switches and lighting fixtures to ensure there are no safety concerns.
    3. Existing system inspection: We will do a main and sub panel inspection to ensure your current equipment is up to today’s standards for electrical demand and safety. Please check out our blog on some of the outdated panels we look for :
    4. Code requirements and needs: We will ensure that any solutions we are offering will meet the current city/county code requirements and sound ordinance. If these are not followed it can cause unwanted future cost and failed inspections.
    5. Reviewing solutions together!
  3. Financing: We understand that sometimes these types of financial burdens can come unexpectedly. That is why we provide some great financing solutions from no interest to low monthly payments. We have something that will fit everyone’s monthly budget or goals.
    1. All our financing options have no prepayment penalties so you can pay it off whenever you want.
    2. Short term and long term financing options.
    3. Easy application process.
    4. Pre-approval