Exploring Sebastopol

The quaint town of Sebastopol is 52 miles north of San Francisco and only 20 minutes from the Pacific. It has a small town feel and is full of antique stores, fine restaurants and apple orchards. Visitors and residents enjoy the whimsical trash art on Florence Avenue and find fresh produce on the Sonoma County Farm Trails.


Sebastopol gently slopes from 65 to 250 feet above sea level and sits on the banks of Laguna de Santa Rosa. The wetland is home to numerous rare and endangered species along with mountain lions, osprey, golden eagles, mink and grey foxes. Stream erosion deposits organic matter from the mountains to create rich soil perfect for growing grapes, apples and plums.


The first inhabitants of the region were Pomo and Miwok Indians, peaceful tribes who hunted and gathered throughout Sonoma County. In the 1850s, a small United States Post Office and an agricultural trade center caused the population to swell. The Gold Rush drew more settlers, and when many didn’t strike it rich, they found the area perfect for farming.

The town was named Sebastopol because of the many lively fistfights that took place in the streets and saloons. The Russian seaport of Sevastopol was known for violence during the Crimean War, and residents compared the prolonged period of fighting in California to the Ukrainian base’s year-long siege.

Sebastopol was thriving in 1906 with schools, churches, wineries and farms when an earthquake shook buildings to the ground. The town rebuilt and grew steadily to a region known for its orchards and vineyards.

Arts and Culture

Visitors and residents enjoy concerts, art studios and live performances year-round. The Sebastopol Center for the Arts sponsors Art at the Source in spring and the Sonoma County Art Trails every fall. Sonoma County musicians play monthly jazz, classical and blues concerts throughout the year.

The Apple Blossom Festival draws travelers from throughout the region. The event lasts two days and brings food, crafts and music to Ives Park. Explore The Barlow for 220,000 square feet of local wine, beer, coffee and cheese.

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