Many health issues can be directly related to your indoor air quality. Your home is your refuge from pollution, pollen and other allergens. Let Ongaro & Sons show you how to make your home a healthy haven.

Tips To Help Relieve Your Allergy Suffering

Every year, trees and grasses release their pollens into the air at about the same time. When we have very wet and warm weather, increased growth of mold spores serve to sensitize people to the effects of tree and grass pollens. Many people who never had allergies before are now complaining of symptoms such as itchy watery eyes, sneezing and nasal congestion. Symptoms develop in each individual based on the time they are exposed to various pollens and the intensity of those exposures. The high levels of mold spores tend to speed up the development of these symptoms. At their worst, they can cause severe pounding headaches, sore throats, dry hacking coughs and sinus congestion.

Smokers are at a far greater risk of having these allergy symptoms progress to sinus and bronchial infections. Even children are affected.

How can allergy symptoms be reduced?

  1. Follow the daily pollen counts provided by television and radio weather reports. Try to stay indoors as much as possible when counts are very high and keep your house & car windows closed on those days.
  2. Properly installed and maintained central air conditioners and dehumidifiers can remove much of the pollen from your home. Use them regularly when the pollen counts are very high.
  3. Use of over-the-counter or prescription medications for allergies in advance of an unavoidable exposure is a good approach. Wearing masks is also extraordinarily effective!
  4. Vacuum twice a week and don’t smoke in your house.

Our diagnostic procedures identify where allergens are entering your home and provides solutions to stopping leaks for your allergy relief.