Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Repair, Installation, and Service

Are you looking for a clean, compact, energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems? Ongaro & Sons are your premier source for heat pumps and related services in Sonoma County, Marin County, Santa Rosa, San Anselmo, and neighboring areas.

Highly Skilled Heat Pump Repairs

When you have confidence in your HVAC contractor, there’s no need to stress out over an unexpected equipment failure. From electrical issues to faulty reversing valves, Ongaro & Sons can promptly and professionally solve all your climate control problems. No matter the manufacturer, we’re ready to provide in-depth troubleshooting and heat pump repairs whenever you’re in need.

All of our technicians have earned NATE certification and completed extensive training in all aspects of HVAC service. We guarantee our work because we trust the skills and dedication of our team. To complete repairs even faster, we also keep in stock a large selection of common replacement parts from reputable, high-quality manufacturers.

Exclusive Heat Pump Installation Services

From cool winter evenings to baking summer afternoons, heat pumps can provide consistent, cost-effective comfort all year long. That’s because they simply move around the heat energy that already exists in the air. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we’ve been a factory-certified heat pump installer for more than 35 years. With all that knowledge and experience, we know how to create high-quality HVAC solutions that are tailored to achieve industry-leading performance. Whether you need a new heat pump installation or a full system replacement, we can:

  • Ensure superior comfort and reliability
  • Help you slash your monthly energy costs
  • Guarantee 100% customer satisfaction

Essential Preventive HVAC Maintenance

To keep them in great condition, most heating and cooling systems need to be professionally serviced once per year. Since heat pumps combine both functions in one system, however, they’re exposed to twice as much wear and tear. That’s why, when you sign up for our Peak Performance heat pump maintenance plan, you’ll receive two preventive service visits each year.

During each visit, we’ll go over your equipment to check for worn-out parts, loose belts, refrigerant leaks, and other common issues. We’ll also clean and lubricate your system, install fresh air filters, and clean and tighten electrical connections. Finally, we’ll test and adjust your heat pump to verify that it’s tuned for maximum heating and cooling performance.

For year-round comfort and unmatched service, you need the seasoned pros at Ongaro & Sons. From heat pump installations to preventive tune-ups, we offer premium services at straightforward prices.

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