Forced Air Furnace and A/C repair and replacement


Our technicians have been trained for all makes and models of forced air and air conditioning repair. Our fully stocked trucks have replacement parts on hand for most required repairs, and if we don’t have the part on hand we know where to get the part quickly so that you’ll be up and running in a very short time.

Choosing the right Furnace or Air Conditioner

There are many furnaces and air conditioners to choose from and it’s important to make the right choice. At Ongaro & Sons, we design the right system for you by discussing your family’s needs, taking measurements and evaluating your home. Our diagnostics-based approach allows us to have complete confidence in our recommendations and we stand behind our systems 100%.

The factors you want to take into consideration when choosing a system are:

  • Efficiency – The cost to run your equipment over the lifespan far exceeds the initial investment of installing the equipment.
  • Comfort – The main reason to have heating and cooling equipment is to keep us comfortable in our homes year ‘round. Quiet operation and even temperatures throughout the home is the key to a good heating and cooling system.
  • Health – Indoor air quality is very important to consider when choosing your equipment. The right choice can really make a difference in maintaining a healthy home.
  • Sizing – If your equipment is not correctly sized it will affect the comfort and efficiency of your home. It has been our experience that much of the existing equipment we see was not sized properly, so we make sure we size properly for your home.
  • Safety – We follow all applicable codes, manufacturers’ recommendations and industry standards.