Novato—Heating and Cooling Fit to a Healthy Climate

Moderate Winter, Hot Summer Temps

As the largest city in Northern Marin County, sitting between Mount Burdell and Big Rock Ridge with more than 2,600 acres of outdoor opportunities near Stafford Lake and the Russian River, Novato is an HVAC specialist’s dream to service. Temperatures range from the low 50s in January to highs in the 90s during summer. Mostly sunny throughout the year, Novato averages 30 inches of rain annually. Needless to say, keeping homes and businesses cool and dry is the primary concern for the certified heating and cooling technicians of Ongaro & Sons, though it is not entirely without need for energy efficient heating during even mild winters.

Voted one of the top 30 U.S. cities for healthy lifestyles because of its fresh food choices, endless trails and family-centered entertainment venues, Novato boasts eclectic downtown boutiques, quality hotels and historic museums.

As a family-owned business with strong roots in Novato, Organo & Sons is dedicated to earning the trust of our Novato customers to solve their plumbing, heating and cooling issues. Our guaranteed quality service with up-front pricing is but one reason why people love living in Novato

Air to Breathe

California is one of the leading states in terms of environmental regulation and green initiatives. Unfortunately, one of the reasons for this is because of the heavy air pollution. Fortunately, along the Marin County coast and in southern Marin County, clean air from the Pacific Ocean helps to keep air pollution at a minimum. Elsewhere in Marin, ozone only rarely becomes a concern, but according to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the hilly terrain and colder winter temperatures can trap a fine pollutant particle called PM2.5 near the surface, resulting in air quality that exceeds health standards.

One type of “pollution” you can’t escape is seasonal allergies. Ongaro and Sons offers a set of tips to help relieve your allergy suffering. Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system, including changing air filters, is particularly important to making it easier for you to breathe at home.

Smoke-Free Living

Novato was one of the first cities in the country to enact ordinances regulating the use of tobacco products to protect residents of multi-unit dwellings. These ordinances are targeted to protect those who do not choose to smoke or inhale marijuana smoke or toxic aerosols from electronic smoking devices. Of course there is nothing to prohibit anyone from smoking in their own private residence, though perhaps even Novato residents who smoke or have family members who smoke are particularly receptive  to home air filtration systems that remove tobacco smoke.

An efficient heating and cooling system goes a long way to ensuring people aren’t exposed to second-hand smoke. Ongaro and Sons installs forced air and air conditioning systems that move air efficiently through your living spaces with filtration systems that trap tobacco smoke, as well as pet odors and other smells.

Fighting Wildfires

California has experienced a tremendous increase in wildfires, the smoke from which further contributes to air pollution. Besides irritating the eyes and lungs, high levels of smoke particulates can cause serious problems for those with poor health conditions. The Bay Air Quality Management District continuously monitors outdoor air quality and issues alerts when levels reach potentially unhealthy levels. Should an advisory be issued, residents are urged to stay indoors as much as possible.

When outside air is potentially dangerous, Ongaro and Sons has the products you need to breathe easier indoors.

Ongaro & Sons Services Novato

Ongaro and Sons provides a full range of plumbing and heating and cooling services to Novato. When Novato residents call us, they know they’ll receive quality workmanship and incomparable service.


For any and all plumbing jobs related to your home, Ongaro and Sons provides a variety of residential services including inspection, installation and repair. Our technicians are experienced with drain cleaning and maintenance and repair, including installation and repair of garbage disposals. Experienced certified plumbers carefully and thoroughly explore your plumbing, using drain line cameras when necessary, so that we can identify the problems and fix exactly what is wrong.


Ongaro and Sons designs a Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system using a diagnostics approach to provide the highest levels of efficiency and comfort. Ongaro and Sons technicians are trained for all residential makes  and models of forced air and air conditioning repair. Our fully stocked trucks have replacement parts on hand for most required repairs, and if we don’t have the part on hand we can get the part quickly so that you’ll be up and running in a very short time.

Boiler Repair

Ongaro and Sons technicians make use of the latest diagnostic equipment and years of experience to determine a problem quickly and get you back up and running as soon as possible. They are highly trained in boiler repair and regularly attend boiler manufacturers training courses. We work on most all major manufacturer models. Regular boiler system maintenance and annual tune-up ensure longer lasting equipment and lower utility bills. Should your boiler need replacement, we carry most major brands.

Duct Cleaning, Repair and Replacement

Central air conditioning and heating are the top energy consumers in most California homes, so ensuring the efficiency of your entire HVAC system can yield big improvements in energy efficiency. When we think about saving energy, we usually focus on the furnace and air conditioner units, but a leaky duct system can reduce your climate control system’s efficiency 20 to 30 percent. These leaks also  bring unwanted dust, unconditioned outdoor air and humidity into your living space and take money straight out of your wallet.

If your home is over seven years old, have your ducts professionally tested by one of our certified Home Energy Rating System (HERS) technicians via an energy audit. If needed, we can do a thorough and effective cleaning, repair or even replace leaky ductwork.

Indoor Air Quality

Ongaro and Sons puts the “V” back into the HVAC. Ventilation is the process of bringing fresh air into your home to replace stale air filled with indoor pollutants such as cooking smells, pet odors and/or tobacco. Proper ventilation is not only key to the efficiency of your home heating and cooling system, but to your indoor air quality and you and your family’s health. While air filters and air fresheners remove particles from circulating, they don’t bring in fresh air. One simple way to correct this is to open doors and windows, but this is not always practical. It also allows outside allergens and pollutants into the house.

Ongaro and Sons offers a number of solutions to increase the quality of your indoor air, including everything from a filtration system to a complete home purification system. We’re a family-owned business. No one knows better than us the importance of protecting the health of you and your family.