Plumbing Smart Home Technology

Welcome to the future of plumbing, where your bathroom and kitchen aren’t just functional, they’re intelligent. From smart showers to smart faucets and more, we’ll guide you through the newest developments in smart home plumbing technology.

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Smart Showers
Smart showers are a game-changer, providing a personalized shower experience. With smart showers, you can set your preferred water temperature, control the water flow, and even set a timer for your showers. Some models also allow you to control lighting and music for a truly immersive shower experience. Paired with a smartphone app, your preferences can be saved and easily adjusted.

Smart Toilets
Say goodbye to conventional toilets and hello to smart toilets. Equipped with self-cleaning technology, seat warmers, automatic lid openers and flushers, and even health monitoring features, these toilets are designed with comfort, hygiene, and wellness in mind.

Smart Faucets
Smart faucets are not only sleek in design but also offer water efficiency and convenience. You can control them with touch, gestures or voice commands, helping to reduce water waste and prevent cross-contamination. Some smart faucets also feature temperature control, ensuring you get the perfect temperature every time.

Low Flow Toilets and Fixtures
Conserving water is crucial in today’s world. Low flow toilets and fixtures significantly reduce water consumption in your home, helping you to save on utility bills and contribute to environmental conservation. Don’t worry about performance – modern low flow designs deliver the same water pressure as traditional ones.

Heat Pump Water Heaters
Heat pump water heaters are a great energy-saving alternative to conventional water heaters. Instead of generating heat directly, they use electricity to move heat from one place to another, making them two to three times more energy-efficient. With smartphone integration, you can control and monitor your water usage and temperature remotely.

Tankless Water Heaters
Tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand water heaters, provide hot water only when you need it, resulting in energy savings. They take up less space and last longer than traditional water heaters. Plus, many models are equipped with smart technology, allowing you to control them from your smartphone.

Flood Stop Devices
Protect your home from water damage with flood stop devices. These devices detect leaks from appliances that provide water and immediately shut off the water supply to prevent flooding. When integrated with your smartphone, you receive immediate alerts, allowing you to respond swiftly to any potential water damage incidents.

In the era of smart homes, plumbing has undergone a transformation. With these innovative technologies, you can elevate your daily routines, save energy and water, and add an extra layer of security to your home. Explore more and make your home smarter, safer, and more efficient with us!