Benefits of Ongaro Testing Your Backflow

What is a backflow:

A backflow preventer is a device that is installed on your home or business’s water pipes that allows water to flow in one direction but never in the opposite direction to prevent cross contamination to the city’s drinking water.

Ongaro is a Full Service Backflow Specialist:

Our backflow specialists are certified by California – Nevada certification by American Water Works Association to test residential and commercial Backflows. When you contact Ongaro and Sons for your backflow needs, we are your one stop shop. We are licensed and insured to test, repair, replace and install new backflow devices. Unresolved Backflow issues can be very costly or could result in major issues within your Water District including water shut off or fines. 

Our Technicians have many years of experience and knowledge when it comes to your Backflow device.


  • Provide annual testing and submit test results to the Water District.
  • Direct Communication with Water Districts for Late Backflows or Water Shut off notices
  • We call you to coordinate your Annual Backflow Test.

Our Backflow Specialist at Ongaro and Sons is Certified and Licenced to provide Annual Testing. California State Health Codes require annual testing on irrigation, domestic, fireline and bypass devices. Backflow preventers must be tested once a year in accordance with California State Law.


  •  When repairs or replacements are needed we will work directly with your water district to notify work will be completed.
  • Upon completion of repairs, replacement or installation we will retest and submit your test results to your Water District. 
  • Is your water district requesting for a new Backflow to be installed? We are able to register & install new Backflow Devices that your water District is requesting.
  • A Permit will be pulled if required by the Water District for Backflow Installs or New installation.


  • Domestic: Domestic backflow devices are typically installed to isolate any potential problems from getting back into the water purveyor’s piping.
  • Irrigation: The types of Backflows installed for irrigation systems are:
    • Double check valve assembly
    • Reduced pressure zone assembly

Your irrigation system may be contaminated with fertilizer, dirt, germs, and pesticides. If this water finds its way back into the potable water system this may cause physical harm. Therefore a Backflow device is required to be installed as it protects the water supply and protects you from the law.

  • Fireline & Bypass:
    • Fireline: Backflow devices are installed on Fire Protection water systems(Fire Sprinkler Systems). There are 2 different types of Fireline Backflow devices. A DCVA – Which is usually for large commercial properties, condominiums or high rise buildings. A DCDA – is installed on water lines that supply water to the Fire Suppression System.(Fire Sprinkler System)