Water Service, Water Filtration repair and replacement

Water Service Repair and Replacement

At Ongaro & Sons we use leak detection equipment to pinpoint where water is leaking. Once we’ve exposed the leak, depending on type and condition of the pipe, we will explain your choices to either repair or replace the water service. If replacement is decided we will determine the best method of replacing. For example some waterlines may be candidates for trenchless or boring equipment that requires minimal disturbance to your landscape, driveways and sidewalks. If your home is not a good candidate for trenchless pipe replacement, we make every effort to return your landscape, driveway and sidewalks back to the condition they were prior to the work. With Ongaro & Sons, every aspect of the water service replacement job includes pipe material and method of installation recommendations, notifying utility companies so they can mark their lines, trenching, permit acquisition, and concrete removal and replacement.

Water Filtration – Whole house or point of use

Water filter installation is a very important step to consider if you want the water supply at your home or business to be cleaner, healthier and great tasting. Many people buy water filter pitchers, bottled water, or a filter for the kitchen faucet. Unfortunately, these methods don’t keep up with the demands for purified water of a family or a business. Furthermore, a kitchen water filter doesn’t help with filtering the water used for laundry or showers. If your water supply contains chemicals, impurities or sediment, this water is not just used in your kitchen, it’s with you in the shower when you bathe, it’s in your clothes, and everywhere else you use water. Water that is high in sediments and other impurities can taste bad, cause staining, and possibly even make you ill. At Ongaro & Sons we offer whole house water filtration systems as well as point of use water filtration.