Repiping Services

Repiping Specialists

If the water pipes in your home aren’t in good shape, it can have major consequences for your plumbing system. Put your mind at ease with the trusted whole-home repiping services of Ongaro & Sons in Sonoma County, Marin County, Santa Rosa, San Anselmo, and the surrounding areas.

What Is Whole-Home Repiping?

Simply put, repiping is a complete overhaul of the water pipes that make up your plumbing system. While a small, isolated leak or patch of rust can certainly cause trouble, it’s usually a pretty straightforward fix. If you have more serious or widespread issues, however, simple repairs may not be enough.

Whole-home repiping is a significant undertaking that involves the removal and replacement of all the pipes in your home. Once the process is completed, however, the results often last an entire lifetime or more. A new plumbing system can deliver decades of smooth, trouble-free operation, eliminating worries about contamination and poor water pressure.

When to Repipe Plumbing in Your Home

Although it’s a major project, there are several reasons to consider repiping your home. Older pipes made from obsolete materials may leach harmful chemicals into your water and should always be replaced. Your pipes may also need to be replaced if you frequently experience plumbing problems. This includes water leaks, pressure or temperature fluctuations, rusty or foul-tasting water, and unusual noises or odors from your plumbing system. At Ongaro & Sons, we generally recommend investing in repiping services if:

  • Your pipes are badly corroded or discoloring your water
  • You have lead, polybutylene, or galvanized steel pipes
  • You have multiple pipe leaks or ongoing problems with water pressure

Certified Residential Repiping Specialists

Water pipes are like the veins and arteries of your plumbing system, allowing water to circulate quickly throughout your home. Because they serve such an essential function, every pipe and fitting have to be installed and connected with precision. When you invest in home repiping, you need to know your contractor is up to the task.

Enter the repiping specialists at Ongaro & Sons. With decades of experience and full Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) certification, we specialize in high-quality service and workmanship. Our technicians are highly qualified and rigorously trained to repipe plumbing systems of all sizes. In addition, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you’ll always get great value for your money.

If your water pipes have seen better days, don’t wait for the situation to get even worse. Call today and let the repiping specialists at Ongaro & Sons put an end to your plumbing problems.