Saucy Sausalito

Sausalito is a waterfront community southeast of San Rafael where hillside homes overlook sparkling blue water. The city prizes natural beauty, history, ocean-side culture and the arts.


In Spanish, the word sauzalito means small willow grove. Residents argue whether the city was named by the bandit Joaquin Murrieta or settler William Richardson. Joaquin Murrieta was born in Mexico, but he immigrated to California with his group of thieves. During the bandit wars, he was prohibited from returning to his home in San Francisco, so he settled in Sausalito. Historians argue he could not have named Sausalito, since the Rancho had already been given to Richardson.

After the gold rush, Sausalito’s location made it an attractive place for fishermen, yachting aficionados and families eager to escape the growing population in San Francisco. During Prohibition, its ocean accessibility made it a favorite stopping point for bootleggers. During World War II it became a major shipyard for the U.S. Navy. The shipyards were abandoned after the war and were taken over by a burgeoning community of house boat residents and property developers.


In Sausalito, there’s almost always something going on. Here are just a few events:

  • January – Sausalito Souper Bowl
  • February – Valentine’s Dance Party
  • Before Easter – City Easter Parade and Egg Hunt
  • June through August – Jazz and Blues by the Bay
  • October – Halloween Sausalito
  • December – Breakfast with Santa
  • Outdoor Recreation

Sausalito has a number of parks, beaches and fishing piers. Cloud View Park overlooks the Bay and has play equipment for children. Enjoy Martin Luther King, Jr. Park and Dog Park with your favorite furry friends. Schoonmaker and Tiffany Beach are both public beaches and the municipal fishing pier offers excellent fishing.

Houseboat Community

Along the shoreline, you’ll find more than 400 houseboats of all shapes and sizes. When the marine shipyards were de-commissioned, people made the abandoned area their home. Anyone can go on a walking tour of the community to see unique architect-designed houseboats and work boats that have been converted to floating homes.

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