Whole-Home Generators

Whole-Home Generator Sales and Services

When the lights go out in your neighborhood, does your normal life suddenly come to a halt? With a whole-home generator from Ongaro & Sons, you won’t ever be plunged into darkness again.

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Protect Your Family From Power Disruptions

If you live in the North Bay area, you’re probably well aware that you can’t always rely on the power grid. Between wildfires, storms, and Planned Safety Power Shutoff events, power outages are an unfortunate fact of life. If you aren’t equipped to deal with them, they can also be extremely disruptive. Luckily, there’s a convenient and cost-effective way to insulate yourself and your family from the vagaries of the grid. With a professionally installed whole-house generator from Ongaro & Sons, you can:

  • Work from home without losing productivity
  • Stay comfortable and relaxed in any weather
  • Power appliances, medical equipment, and other essential devices

Choose the Standby Generator Specialists

As the name suggests, a whole house generator is capable of powering your entire home during an outage. In order to do so safely and reliably, however, it needs to be properly installed and sized to meet your needs. That’s why Ongaro & Sons is the preferred standby generator installer for local homeowners.

Our highly skilled electricians have the knowledge and experience to help you select just the right generator for your home. When we install a new system, we take great care to connect everything correctly and ensure it’s working as intended. As with all our other work, we even provide a full satisfaction guarantee.

Install a Transfer Switch for Safer Backup Power

Even if you rely on a portable generator during power outages, it’s crucial to have proper safety measures in place. Many people simply run extension cords to power their devices, but this approach can be quite dangerous. As a safer alternative, talk to our experienced electricians about installing a transfer switch.

Essentially, transfer switches are devices that allow you to switch between different power sources. When the grid goes down, you can easily switch entire circuits over to generator power until the electricity comes back on. That means no more hauling around extension cords and no more worrying about your family’s safety. Since transfer switches power entire circuits in your home, they also allow you to run a wider range of appliances.

The next time a power outage strikes in your area, make sure your home is prepared with a whole-home generator. Reach out to the standby generator pros at Ongaro & Sons now to learn more.