0% financing for up to 72 months O.A.C.

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At Ongaro & Sons Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, we are committed to providing an elite level service and customer care. This extends to our financing options. We want to ensure all of our customers can fit the services they need into their budgets. Get what you need now, and pay later with Wells Fargo Financing.

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  • Is financing available for any amount?

 Simple answer is YES. Financing is available for any sized job based on the amount the consumer is approved for. The financed amount may change the 0% same as cash term offered upon approval. It can be used for upgrade filtration or purification, parts that need to be replaced or the whole home repipe needed in your home. 

  • Are there different financing plans available?

We all know the saying “One Size Fits all”. We at Ongaro, do not believe that to be true, especially when it comes to monthly payment amounts. We have plans that can fit all budget needs as well as timeline needs. When our field supervisor is onsite they can work with you to find the best monthly payment that fits your personalized budget. 

  • Do I have to have good credit to qualify?

 Yes and No! Your credit and Debt to Income ratio will be the deciding factor on the total amount approved for. We even have some customers finance a portion of the job and utilize savings for the remaining amount. We are here to help understand any and all possibilities to ensure your home is comfortable as well as your budget. 

  • If I don’t use all of the approved amount, can I use it on something else?

 Yes! If you get approved for more than you will need to utilize you can always use it in the future for any home improvements needed as long as the account is open. You will have to find a contractor that is an approved vendor through Wells Fargo and can offer you financing based on their approved terms. For example: You apply for Wells Fargo 0% interest financing and get approved for $20,000. You have an HVAC project to be completed with a total cost of $15,000. You will have a remaining open balance of $5,000. 2 years later you need to replace your water heater and some other plumbing needs for $5,000. You can use the same Wells Fargo 0% interest financing for that new project and not have to go through an additional approval process.

  • Is there a prepayment penalty?

NO! Ongaro and Sons does not believe in penalizing for paying off early. All financing options we offer do NOT include any  prepayment penalties. That means you can pay off the balance at any time you want. You get the best of both worlds, 0% same as cash and no penalties.