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When the unexpected happens, Ongaro and Sons will take care of your plumbing needs worry free.

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Plumbing services offered by Ongaro & Sons, Inc. are extremely comprehensive. We offer Marin and Sonoma County plumbing repair and Installation services for anything plumbing related.

We also offer Energy Savings and Water Conservation services as well as preventative maintenance checkups. These can help avoid unexpected plumbing breakdowns that could cause damage or leave you without hot water or a functioning toilet, among other things. We work on any make or model of fixtures, faucets and equipment and our trucks are fully stocked with repair parts. Listed below are our Plumbing services.

What PHCC certified Plumbers Means to you
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Water Heater and Tankless Water heater repair and replacement
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Sewer Cleaning, Repair and Replacement
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Water Service, Water Filtration repair and replacement
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Faucet, Toilets and other Fixture Repair and Replacement
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Other Plumbing Services

  • Gas Service Repair and Replacement
  • Garbage disposals
  • Water Conservation
  • Hot Water Boilers and Hydronic Heating repair and replacement

Our Customers

Customer rating
I’ve been using Ongaro for several of my plumbing needs the past couple years and I must say that each technician that has come by is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Douglas was great and explained each of my tankless water heater options very clearly and with what I felt an honest evaluation. I’m truly grateful that Ongaro still values customer service and professional representative employees. Great job by all including the folks who answer the initial call on the phone!
Kerry A