Electrical Repair and Service

“Remember, with great power comes great current squared times resistance”.

Electrical services offered by Ongaro & Sons, Inc. are extremely comprehensive. We offer Marin and Sonoma County electrical repair and installation services. We also offer Energy Saving services as well as preventative maintenance checkups. These can help avoid unexpected electrical breakdowns that could cause damage or leave you without hot water or a functioning power, among other things. Listed below are our electrical services.

  • Smart Home Integration
    Modern technology allows homeowners peace of mind knowing they can look after and control their home even when they are not there. With smart home technology you can save time, money and energy all from the convenience of your smartphone or computer. If you are interested in smart home integration our Electricians are highly knowledgeable and ready to help no matter how big or small the project.
  • Zinsco and FPE (Federal Pacific Electrical) Panel Replacement 
    While common in use from the 1950s through the 1980s, these panels can pose a high risk of fire from improper circuit breaker usage and will also prove dangerous even with the panel shut off. If your electrical panel or breaker box has the name of FPE, Zinsco, Sylvania, or GTE-Sylvania, it is imperative that they be inspected and replaced.
  • Buzzing Noises
    Any kind of buzzing noise coming from your outlets or switches is cause for concern. This could signify loose wires in the connection, causing them to vibrate and make that familiar buzzing sound. If you hear any strange humming noises at outlets or switches, turn off the power to that switch or outlet and call us immediately.
  • Aluminum Wiring
    Homes built between 1960 and 1970 may have an electrical system with aluminum wiring, which has been tied to fires as the wiring ages. Your vintage home may be charming, but there could be hidden issues lurking behind the walls that only a professional electrician should handle.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
    With zero odor or color, carbon monoxide could be wafting through your home undetected at this very moment. One of the only ways to be aware of these toxic fumes is to have a functioning carbon monoxide detector. If your sensor is on the fritz, this creates a life-threatening situation for everyone living in your home. Let our expertly trained technicians repair your carbon monoxide detector today.
  • Dimming or Flickering House Lights
    Do you need assistance with your dimmer and flicker lights in and outside your home? You can contact our on-time electricians to support you with dimming or flicker house lighting repair services to help you create the visual appeal you’ve always wanted.
  • Additional electrical serviceswhole-home generator installation, electrical vehicle charging, code enforcement repairs, power outages and power surges, faulty interior/exterior wiring repair, and more!

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