Radiant Floor Leak Detection and Repair

You most likely have a leak in your Radiant Floor System piping, if:

  • High water bill?
  • Radiant Floor system water pressure keeps dropping and will not stay static?
  • Noticed a wet spot on the floor?
  • Pet seeking out specific warm spot on the floor?

The problem with leaks in a Radiant Floor System is they are harder to locate because the piping is usually located in the concrete slab. Not the type of news you want to hear, right? The good news is Ongaro has the equipment to locate the leak and the technicians to perform the repair, avoiding the logistic nightmare of calling a Leak Detection Company and then a Plumbing Company to come fix the leak.

Using Infrared Thermal Imaging to Detect Radiant Heat Leaks

Radiant heating water tubes and electrical heating elements are buried below grade, embedded into the concrete slab or installed just under the finish flooring. Water leaks in radiant heating systems can cause damage to the flooring’s finished surface and cause damage to the buildings structure. An undetected leak can cause rot, mildew, mold and attract insect infestations. A radiant floor water leak allows air into the system causing noise; reduced circulation rates and lowers the overall efficiency of the heating system.

Thermal imaging is a valuable tool for locating leaks in radiant heating systems. The high-resolution thermal imager is able to pinpoint the leak under the concrete slab or finished floor, where most conventional Leak Detection Equipment simply falls short. With the leak site identified, repairs can be made with minimal damage to adjacent flooring. Thermal imaging locates the exact spot where a radiant floor is leaking or an electrical circuit has failed. We eliminate the need for random and destructive digging of your floors.